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Jacoby Expo

Consulting and Event Management http://jacobyexpo.com/

Project Overview

Jacoby Expo was really looking for new branding, website, and logo. As a small business, they didn’t have the means to hire and onboard a staff marketing position. They were looking for a company that could be an extension of Jacoby Expo. Neon Goldfish and Jacoby Expo connected pretty quickly with ideas to enhance their image and a good feel for their line of business.

Currently, we are working on a third overhaul of her website with new imagery, and fine-tuning the evolving buyer persona. Neon Goldfish helped launch Jacoby Expo’s online presence and authority in the event marketplace. Working together, Jacoby Expo disrupted the trade show and expo world by implementing a new digital marketing strategy that brings more leads to the Jacoby Expo website. Neon Goldfish also supported Jacoby Expo’s online presence and cemented her authority in the event marketplace.


One of the first things you notice about Jacoby Expo; Betsy and her team are different. They flipped the script on the traditional event and expo planning and offer unique services that protect trade show managers and also highlight Jacoby Expo’s key partnerships across the country. Neon Goldfish helped implement and maintain a marketing strategy and digital footprint that is able to adapt to Jacoby’s unique style.

Services Provided

  • Website Redesign
  • Logo Design
  • Branding and Messaging
  • Content Marketing (Blogs)
  • Social Media Marketin


I would recommend Neon Goldfish because they're not just a company you hire to update your logo or design your website. They're a company that helps you brand your business and position yourself for growth. It's really amazing to watch a group of people who come from a different industry so quickly have a comprehensive knowledge about what you do for a living.
Jacoby Expo Neon Goldfish

Betsy Greenleaf

Founder & CEO of Jacoby Expo