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Sprinkler Pro

Over 20 Years of Experience Creating Light and Irrigation Systems https://sprinklerprollc.com/

Project Overview

Sprinkler Pro owner, Jon Nutting knew he had a problem. His son was tech savvy and had been handling all the updates to the business website since he first started on the web. While they were able to make quick updates during the offseason, Jon knew going forward, he needed something different. “There aren’t many companies that are hyper-focused on irrigation, so I ranked pretty well. But, my site wasn’t mobile compliant, and I started to see the punishing results as I slipped down in rankings” Jon noticed a couple of his main competitors were getting their website redesigned for mobile, so Jon knew, to maintain his searchability, he had to redesign his website.

Meeting The Neon Goldfish Team

Jon had seen some of Neon Goldfish’s work with previous landscaping clients and knew that we would be a good fit for his website. When Jon contacted Neon Goldfish, we knew that we could easily make his website mobile compliant, but we wanted to really showcase all of the services that Jon provides for his customers. Sprinkler Pro’s website only mentioned their irrigation services. Sprinkler Pro also designs and installs landscape lighting. Jon wanted to also add careers page and advertise job openings as his company was expanding and adding additional staff and services.

Getting to Work

With input from Jon, the Neon Goldfish team created a mobile-friendly website that maintains Sprinkler Pro’s search engine rankings. We also wanted to showcase his beautiful landscape lighting design and installation, so we made it a focal point on his homepage. We created content for the website that showcased his landscape lighting and irrigation services and supported his local SEO efforts. “They really used a multipronged approach. Each member of the team had a different set of skills to create my website. Each person can dive in and spend time in their expertise, instead of having one person focused on everything Neon Goldfish’s team focused on what each person did best, and then combined it all together.”    


Jon wanted to grow his irrigation and landscape lighting customer base and create a more professional look and feel to his current website. Working with Neon Goldfish, Sprinkler Pro’s website is now mobile responsive and puts Jon’s services front and center and increased his leads by 70%.

Increased leads by 70%!

Services Provided

  • Website Redesign
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Custom Web Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization


Each member of the Neon Goldfish team had a different set of skills to create my website. Each person spent time in their expertise, instead of having one person focused on everything, Neon Goldfish's team focused on what each person did best and then combined it all together.

Jon Nutting

Owner, Sprinkler Pro